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Bhavana Nissima



NLP Trainer

Hi there.

I am a Lightweaver. I weave idea-streams, thought-concepts, people, places and objects into new possibilities for future. I coach folks to enable, rehabilitate and rejuvenate their creative flow – whether in arts, innovations, or business.

I am excited you are here on my website. What are you looking for? How can I support your journey? Please browse through my services to find a good fit. Or continue here to know who I am.

There are three cornerstones to my work – Communication, Creativity, and NLP.

I have a PhD in Communication from University of New Mexico, U.S.A. and have taught several communication-related subjects in United States and India for eleven years. I came into the communication field in my late twenties by chance and fell in love with the possibilities of this field for human growth and well-being.

I have been associated with creative fields since my childhood – as a writer, dancer and singer. I began teaching Bharatnatyam at the age of 13 and helped my first student to perform on stage at 14. My blog Tilling the Earthwoman is popular. Over the years, I ghostwrote seven books and mentored several others. You can find some of the books here. Whether writing, singing or dancing, I am known as the Queen of Emotions with the ability to elicit emotions easily in readers/listeners/viewers alike.

I am an NLP Trainer (IPANLP) and Master Practitioner (SNLP). I have coached and trained with a multitude of International Trainers. Read about them in my Gratitude blog. I am the Mental Space Psychology Ambassador in India and founded the Indian Mental Space Academy. I have my NLP Clinic in Hyderabad where I work with clients 1:1. I love experimenting and developing new changework process.

As a Lightweaver, I bring these three fields together. I use NLP to help folks heal out underlying issues that block/distort how we communicate, open up creative ways in which we can express ourselves, plan outcomes, reframe possibilities.

I help others to become a Lightweaver.

If you are curious how I became one, please read here.

I work with folks across spectrum – from those who wish to enable and enhance their ability to express, through artists who would like to explore new ways of creating art, to those who desire to think creatively in business or innovate. I work with folks who want to heal so that they can get back to the play of creating. I train folks in NLP so they can gain the toolkit to innovate and delight as they build interesting futures.

My work is well-appreciated by folks from a broad spectrum of professions.

I was one of the 15 speakers at the prestigious First Global NLP Conference in India held in Mumbai, Nov 30-Dec 1.  I spoke on the topic “The Where of Creativity.” 

What my clients say about me

In a journey called Life , I am in the pursuit of meeting & connecting with new friends to enhance the Circle of Life. Coming to Masterclass had a selfish motto of resharpening my writing skills. ‘ Bhavana’ precisely managed to recraft our art back & rekindle the inner feelings , & Express in words. Apart from walking through the theories she drives you with sensitivity & with just the required vigour to Write , Write & Surely Write.
Sugam Kulkarni
Senior Management Professional

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Yes, You can weave your lights. Yes, you can. You are a Lightweaver.