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Bhavana Nissima (Founder)




Hello you.

I welcome you to us in the name of all my ancestors and the many beings that constitute the all-of-us. In absence of real physical welcome to my home, I invite you respectfully with a smile and love in my heart.

To talk about me, is to talk about places I lived in, people I met, what I read, who I trained with and the many life experiences that moulded me.

…Current bioregion is Southern Deccan Plateau and I like to believe my gut environment is very Telugu. I have been nourished by the waters of River Hooghly, Cauvery and Godavari in South Asia and Rio Grande in New Mexico. I derive my ancestry through my Tamilian heritage – they were not confined to their villages, rather they travelled widely and lived in different places like Kerala, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Assam and West Bengal. The many stories that have passed intergenerationally have shaped me for worse and for better.

…Studied in a variety of learning environments – zoology honours at the college level, followed by communication and journalism at masters level, and a doctorate in gender and intercultural communication, with multiple diplomas in marketing management, public relations, software coding programs, trained in different Indian and Western classical art forms.

taught Communication, Media, Women’s Studies, Religious Studies, and Peace Studies departments across the world. I have worked with neighbourhood community groups, health councils, media startups, community space projects in multiple cities across the world. I have supported research projects with departments in Public Administration department, English Literature, History department (Navajo focus), Religious Studies, and Education. 

trained in Neurolinguistic Programming with multiple trainers (I guess about a dozen leading NLP trainers), in Mental Space Psychology with Dr Lucas Derks and Society of Mental Space Psychology, and in Clean Language approach, I have attended workshops with Penny Tompkins, James Lawley, Marian Way, and Judy Rees.

Speaker at two UXIndia design-thinking conferences and in its inaugural Women in Design Fest. I have spoken and presented in three Global NLP summit conferences organized by NLP Conference India. I facilitated a session at Mental Space Psychology Conference organized by SOMSP, Netherlands. Besides this, presented 16 peer-reviewed conference papers in International Communication Conferences, served as division chair for Spiritual Communication Conference, and reviewer for both National Communication Association (NCA) as well as International Communication Association (ICA).

co-author/chapter contributor for five books and supported at least dozen other books as editor or writing coach. These include–Civil War in the 20th Century: Lessons to Learn and Unlearn, with Devendra Oza; “Empowering Crisis Response led Communities: Lessons learned from Initiative.” In Sanjay Misra & Ricardo Colomo-Palacios (Eds) Strategic Management and Leadership for Systems Development in Virtual Spaces; “My matrilineageIn Abhirami Girija Sriram & Babitha Marina Justin (Eds) Salt & Pepper & Silver Linings.

In Systems approach, learnt with the loving presence of Nora Bateson of International Bateson Institute, the Bateson keepers and warm data hosts across the world. …also Buckminister Fuller Institute’s Trimtab Space Camp fellow as well as completed Fritjof Capra’s Capra Course on Systems View of Life. And attended Nigerian Philosopher Bayo Akomolafe and Tyson Yukapurta’s online sessions worldwide.

My life journey has been very rich and vibrant. And in the last decade, I have been increasingly sharing the wisdom and resources gained from this journey with others, independent of the usual social structures. In my work in the world, I am a Lightweaver, in my being, an Earthwoman, and in my purpose in life, a Nissima — the one without boundaries.

I hope my about-me interests you to explore further into what I offer/lead and maybe your spirit will join a burgeoning community of lightweavers and earth people in Global South.

Eagle of The Lightweaver House

Sridevi Datta

I reside in a bustling town by the sea. I am an explorer who inquires into the wisdom that all the beings on earth bring– be they big, small or tiny. I am an NLP Master Practitioner and Systems thinker. 
I help people and communities integrate change in myriad earth-embracing ways. My workshops help people create thriving businesses for themselves. 
My signature offerings include, “Welcome Money”, “Content Marketing through NLP Lens” and “Intentional Journaling”. 
I am also the founder of “IFlow Transformations” and wear my badge of “Lightweaver” with pride and honour.
 I have studied NLP with Dr Bhavana Nissima and MSP with Dr Lucas Derks. I am a parent to two boys and one cat.

What clients say about us

In a journey called Life , I am in the pursuit of meeting & connecting with new friends to enhance the Circle of Life. Coming to Masterclass had a selfish motto of resharpening my writing skills. ‘ Bhavana’ precisely managed to recraft our art back & rekindle the inner feelings , & Express in words. Apart from walking through the theories she drives you with sensitivity & with just the required vigour to Write , Write & Surely Write.
Sugam Kulkarni
Senior Management Professional

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