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The Lightweaver Summer Art Camp for Adults

How does that sound — an exclusive summer camp for adults? Where you can explore art — writing, music, painting, dancing and whatever else– freely without the pressure of standards. To create wildly in response to what is alive in you in the moment.

Not a skills training camp. Instead an invitation to warmly explore. Feelings, connections, stories. Through earth. Through body. Through being-with.

This is not a camp that expects you to develop “art products” to showcase to family or social media. Rather, the invitation is to experience freedom, to observe what holds us back or drives us in forced directions. To expand the horizons of our existing perceptions.

To create and let it also return to earth. Like life.


The camp has online and offline-retreat component.

9 online sessions of 90 mins each. The online sessions are designed to stir you in different ways, using different modalities and includes 3 sessions of exploration through body. The dates for these are: 

Timing: Evenings 7 pm to 8:30 pm IST 

Offline retreat will be 4 nights together at the gorgeous coffee plantations of Eorthe-Coorg. Dates: Retreat begins on May 5 afternoon and ends on May 9 morning . And will most definitely include walking, lazing- reflecting, body-exploration, region-exploration, eating-together and lot of noticing stirring creating trying sharing improvising…

About Eorthe-Coorg

Nestled in the Western Ghats, this ancient land exhales the fragrance of coffee, determination, and community. Eorthe is a gorgeous family-run cradle in this land. The cottages are embraced by coffee plantations, exquisite birds, flowers, and views. Food here is steeped in tradition of region as well as in generous dollops of curiosity, thanks to two lovely artist-gardener-healer-chefs.

A perfect shelter from the sweltering heat of the plains and gather in new ways.

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The program is led through by The Lightweaver Bhavana. Read about her here. Her Writing Masterclass and Writing Through Earth are much appreciated. You can read about it here and watch testimonials here. She runs annual mind-body-ecology retreats in Auroville.

She is known for deftly weaving in moments with what is present in the ecology — her classrooms refuse to be walled-in, the journeying free, music from manifold sources.

Aparna Nagesh will be facilitating creative exploration through body and movement.

She is an independent, interdisciplinary performing artist with more than two decades in this field. A graduate of the Broadway Dance Centre, New York, she founded and directed High Kicks Dance, a dance collaborative (ensemble and studio) that emphasised learning, performance and community for 9 years. She has won many awards and has been a TedX speaker multiple times. 

Her workshop practices and offerings have evolved into blissful and joyous explorations of movement, dance and somatic expression. The mind-body connection, synchronicity and awareness is a common outcome of these workshop facilitations. 


For the One Month long program which includes food and accomodation at Eorthe-Coorg, your fees is INR 55,000 + 18% GST.

(You just have to arrange for your travel to and from Eorthe-Coorg. And bring your art supplies and equipment, if any)

A summer vacation + art camp + discovery + community.

To book your seat, please register below and pay 50% fees by April 20. Rest of the fees are payable by May 3rd, 2022. You can also opt to pay in full by April 20.

Fees are non-refundable. Due to nature of camp and accomodation, the maximum number of participants are 8. First come, first served.

For further enquiries, please email: