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On Adaptive Forward-Looking Mindset This article by Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn is one of the finest articles I read this
The Context The past week has had an intensity to it. 6 people in my network had tested Covid positive,
Are you an NLPer wanting to be resourceful for the Post-Pandemic World? Yes? Read on...
I mapped a yellow bird's sense of time. And then I became the bird...
In this article, I explore how the recommendations of handwashing, wearing a mask and physical distancing are also a call
A heart-felt post by a Lightweaver on her NLP Journey
On how a bunch of members of a writing group used lockdown period to write hope and heart to heal
What is the psychological fallout of unpaid domestic labour? This article explores the impact on self-experience of women wellpreneurs.
In the last few years, several women in transition from a rough phase and young folks have reached out to
A key area of improvement in family dynamics is family communication patterns. How can NLP help communicating effectively in families?
The proceeds from the Lightweaver community anthology "Lives Reset" is towards HIV+ve children in Thiruvallur district. Why did we choose
I often find that some interpret NLP language patterns rigidly as per a pre-existing framework. I believe it is useful