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This Thing Called Self-Esteem
This thing you hear about low self-esteem and healthy self-esteem is balderdash. Why? Because self-esteem is a concept, constructed and
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The Story of Simultaneous Equations
Once upon a time in the magical world of numbers, there lived X and Y. Other numbers called them unknown
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Landscape in Writing
Background, setting, landscape contributes to writing. No event or Being is sans context. There exists no Universal Truth about temporal
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Sensory-Rich Writing
Writers often focus on the content – the plot, the characters, character development. What is skipped is the sensory content
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Creative Hacks to Write: Use Your Sense Organs
Writing is produced by the brain in collaboration with rest of our system. We will be inspired when we choose to
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Dating Creative Triggers for Writing
Court your creative inspiration. Avoid waiting for magic to happen.
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