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I believe Everyone Can Weave Their Lights. In my sessions you will concurrently resolve issues that bother you and taking decisions, plan for a project/venture or how move ahead.

I believe that everyone has experienced pain and injury in their lives. Everyone processes it differently. The issue is not in the experiences but rather how is the specific processing affecting your flow in the current moment. The past is important to resolve only so far as it impacts the present in working towards a resourceful future. Working on where you are Now helps you flow again.

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There are two ways you can take sessions with me:

  1. Choose a 3-session basic Lightweaver package. This package will help you work through issues, plan for the future and follow-up on action. If you live in the city of Hyderabad, you can schedule 1:1 in-person session in my clinic. Or you can schedule sessions online (conditions apply)

Each session is 60-75 mins long.

Fees: Rs 8000

2. Choose a 3-session advanced Lightweaver package. This package will help you enhance your performance, scale up your projects, and support design/creativity.

Each session is 60-75 mins long.

Fees: Rs 12000

 3. Ask for an emergency session to resolve an immediate intense issue. 

Fees:Rs 3500 

4. Specialised sessions: Family Panorama (2-3 hours long), High Performance states (2 sessions)

Fees: Rs 5000