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Creativity for Artists and Innovators

I am an artist and innovator. I work with other artists and innovators. I have observed artists and innovators often suffer from these cycles. Example: They have received praise for their work. They are acknowledged as creative in their circles. Yet they feel within that they are stuck, that they are repeating a formula. Or feel as if they don’t deserve the praise.

Some artists experience that there was a time when they were flowing and producing exciting new work. But that dwindled down. They don’t feel as excited or motivated or joyful in their work.

Or suffer from depression or high anxiety. Suffer from stress.

Many do not know how to handle finances and how to develop a healthy relationship with money, with that sense of abundance.

Or they are flowing well and producing exciting work. They love their work and want to enhance. They want to challenge themselves to do more, to draw on their brain’s creative functions and produce more interesting work, explore what else their minds can do.

Each person is unique. The way each person processes events, memories, time or approaches an issue is different from another.

This is a specially designed program for Artists and Innovators:

  1. To help you resolve the roadblocks and ease stress
  2. To help you move past your unresourceful behavioural patterns, limiting beliefs, intruding past experiences
  3. Rejuvenate and enhance your creative abilities by using different methods
  4. By accessing technologies that Creative Gurus have used
  5. Build balance in life by settling other aspects of life besides art.
  6. Build healthy relationship with wealth

Read what other artists and innovators have to say about my programs.

What does this program entail? Three months of close coaching/mentoring for specific tangible outcomes, project experiments and upgrading skills which includes Ten 1:1 sessions, extensive whatsapp/phone support, and skype when required.

What can you expect at the end of the sessions:

  1. You are able to flow
  2. You identified and disrupted key limiting beliefs and patterns
  3. You have learnt different processes to spark creativity
  4. You have identified and constituted a strategy of creative excellence
  5. You have started building resilience and improved sense of wellbeing
  6. Your life feels well-balanced

Fees: Rs 35,000

NLP-based coaching is a process where the coach helps the client discover and own patterns, guide exploration of new spaces to think differently, changes perspective and frames to allow other worlds to become visible, audible.

An NLP-based program meets you where you are, as you are.

It also means the client takes ownership over the process and shows the following qualities:

  1. Strong commitment to explore and apply learnings
  2. Openness to be uncomfortable
  3. Can allocate time regularly to apply learnings
  4. Will take up a project to work during the period

If this client is you, book a free sampling session here.

And in case, your gut-feel and research says this is the program for you, register here directly and we can start working straightaway.

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Creativity for Artists and Innovators

Event Details: 

Fees: Rs 35,000