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Creativity for Entrepreneurs

In my experience of interacting and working with entrepreneurs, I find they share some common struggles. For example, you are passionate about an idea. You work hard on it. But the market is unpredictable, and the family/relationship demands are many. I find many are lonely and doubt their abilities. They sense contradictions in their life—at one end they desire to achieve a lot in a short time, but they also desire an easy laidback life, travel and eat and remain free of stressors. Some find they are succeeding in some areas of their business but not in others. Something is holding them back.

Feels familiar? Is that your struggle too?

Perhaps there is also something unique. Each person is unique. The way each processes events, memories, time or approaches an issue is different from another.

Do you want help, a personal brain coach to help you identify your limiting patterns, unlock your creative brain, to nudge and give feedback so you can get rolling again?

This intensive NLP-based coaching program is specially designed for entrepreneurs to train you to your most resourceful creative state. Using the latest changework technologies from across the world, you and I will work together to enhance your abilities.

An NLP-based program meets you where you are, as you are.

Allow me to brag. Read what others have to say about my work.

What does this program entail? Three months of close coaching/mentoring for specific tangible outcomes and upgrading skills which includes Ten 1:1 sessions, extensive whatsapp/phone support, and skype when required.

What can you expect at the end of the sessions:

  1. Disrupt sabotaging and limiting beliefs
  2. Improve flexibility in thinking and spark creativity
  3. Learn how to set clear outcomes, build strategies to achieve it and sustain.
  4. Upgrade communication skills
  5. Access high performance states
  6. Improve overall sense of self.
  7. Improve self-care to address with loneliness, uncertain moments and low phases

Fees: Rs 45,000

NLP-based coaching is a process where the coach helps the client discover and own patterns, guide exploration of new spaces to think differently, changes perspective and frames to allow other worlds to become visible, audible.

It also means the client takes ownership over the process and shows the following qualities:

  1. Strong commitment to explore and apply learnings
  2. Openness to be uncomfortable
  3. Can allocate time regularly to apply learnings

If this client is you, book a free sampling session here.

And in case, your gut feel and research says this program is for you, register here directly so we can start working straightaway.

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Creativity for Entrepreneurs

Event Details: 

Fees: Rs 45,000