Dating Creative Triggers for Writing

Many artists wait around for a creative inspiration. I hear them say, “writer’s block” or “feel dull/blank” within. I see them sitting listless, face downcast.

Unfortunately, none of this self-talk nor physiology helps you write or create.

Creative inspiration is not an entity that exists outside you, floating somewhere in heavens waiting to respond to your earnest prayers.

Nor is it law of attraction – if I intend, and intend deeply enough, one fine day I will know what and how to create.

You have the most beautiful magical organ sitting inside your body – the brain.

Use it.

Figure out what has stimulated you to creatively think in the past. Clients tell me that sometimes their thought flows after reading a book and sometimes an offensive article. Sometimes after watching a movie or TV debate. Sometimes it is overhearing conversations. Sometimes it is a walk or staring at the sky or playing with kids or travelling. Sometimes it is a song, the sound of windchimes, a photograph.

Each of us are stimulated in unique ways to think creatively.

Figure out what stimulates you and then deliberately seek it. Deliberately meet people, go for walk, watch movies, read offensive articles, listen to a wide diversity of music, go to photo exhibitions. Deliberately date your creative stimuli till she is so pleased that the next time you even glimpse in her direction, your thoughts are pouring through.

In my online writing course as well as writing retreats, I help participants to explore their creative triggers and create rituals to foster a healthy and positive relationship with writing.

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