Earth Oikos Connecting Program

Krishna Farmer explaining permaculture to Lightweavers

Oikos: Household

The Modern We entered the Earth Household some 200,000 years ago. By that time this Earth was already thriving with its plants and animals for millions of years.

You can say we are the latest entrant to the Earth Household and a brat who believes the universe revolves around them. That we are the Heroes and Heras our Earth needed for the next step in Evolution.


Earth Household Program is an invitation for us to step back, pause and notice – how did this household thrive? How does it continue amidst and through us?

In what ways have we separated out of the Earth Household, nuclearized our clan from the richness and generosity of more-than-human living.

How does that show up in our language, in what we produce, and unrecyclability of what we produce, in the divisions of the world and fragmentation in our communities, in the food we eat and air we breathe.

To step back and rethink philosophy of living, rethink our idea of the world, and concepts like progress, development, family, work, wealth, relationships.

In a sense, our body already knows what this program hopes to introduce. I hope together we might hold this wisdom with more awareness and responsibility.

The reach of this work extends into organisations, coaching/training, arts, education, healthcare, and in every aspect of human social life on earth.

This Program naturally empties into the Octopus Project where members, when ready in their beings, realign their curiosity for common good.

The intensive is being taught this Summer (May 17-June 8 2022) over four weeks.

We will do this through experiential activities, some readings and joint reflections, and listening-walking-being together.

You will also be invited to attend People Need People sessions organised by International Bateson Institute. More on that after the program has begun.

Highlights of this intensive:

>Systems W~hole thinking and transcomplexity play

> Relational communication

> Sensory play inside-out

Dates & Fees

Dates: May 17-June 16, 2022

Every Tues-Wed-Thur, 7-8:30 pm IST


Regular: INR 25,000 plus 18% gst

Lightweaver Master Pracs/Trainers: INR 22,000 plus 18% gst

Repeaters: INR 2500 plus 18% gst

(One partial Universe Loves You scholarship is available)

The Octopus Project

The Great Pacific Octopus crawls the ocean bed with 9 brains and three hearts, as one of the most intelligent creatures in the waterworld.

The Octopus Project, biomimics the Great Octopus, and dreams of an Earth-aligned community in the SAARC lands – a community that makes the effort to understand Earth Oikos (Earth Household) ways of being– with multiple arms reaching out into multiple spaces, each of which is a brain that functions both separately and together to nourish the community.

An Earth-aligned community that will notice and observe in new ways, that will think in new ways, write and speak in new ways, research new topics with new perspectives.

A community that commits to becoming ancestors of our future generations on Earth.

A community that supports each other as we do the difficult transition from what is easy and convenient and familiar to an unknown uncertain trail.

For this work cannot be done alone.

This Project is primarily developed for humans in the lands below Himalayas– the various river valley civilizations, the islands, the deserts, the plateaus and the many ghats and ranges therein.

This Project hopes for us to Earth into our bioregions and its resources, current and ancient. Through movement, art, skills, language, and different way of relating.

How to Join the Community

To enter the Octopus Project for 2021 and 2022, the following are eligibility requirements to ensure high level of commitment and understanding:
1. If you are already a warm data host, I am glad to welcome you directly into this project.
2. You have completed the Earth Oikos Basic Training Program (see above)