Mental Space Academy India

Mental Space Academy India was established in December 2018 to build awareness of Mental Space Psychology (MSP) in India and develop resources to learn and grow in this field.

It was founded by Dr Bhavana Nissima, NLP Trainer and Ambassador for MSP in India in collaboration with Society of Mental Space Psychology in Netherlands.

Mental Space Psychology was pioneered by Dr Lucas Derks, a veteran social psychologist and NLP Trainer.

A separate website for the India Academy is being built. In the meantime, you can use this website and our facebook page as a resource: Mental Space Academy India Fb Page 

We provide multiple resources to understand MSP and MSP-based models like Social Panorama. This includes books, reading links, YouTube videos, and online video courses.

We have Mental Space Psychologists in several cities. An updated list of professionals in your city will be published on our new website soon.

We also conduct the following trainings:

  1. Social Panorama Consultant Training 
  2. Mental Space Psychology Course
  3. Eating Disorders and Weight Issues in Mental Space
  4. Mental Space Psychology– Taster Sessions

Mental Space Psychology Taster Session

Did you know your unconscious inner world is mapped 3D in the Mental Space around you? The way you feel about yourself or about someone else or even an object is patterned in the Mental Space around you.

Come and Discover yourself.

In this taster session, you will be able to:

  1. Diagnose your self-worth issues
  2. Diagnose the nature of your relationship problems
  3. Witness a demonstration on resolving a limiting belief in mental space
  4. Witness a demonstration on how to build self-confidence
  5. Meet Mental Space Psychologists in your city

The session will be facilitated by Dr Bhavana Nissima, Founder of Mental Space Academy India and certified Social Panorama Consultant.

To learn about the next taster session in your city, please email: