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enhance your creativity

Creativity is the birthright of all humans. It is factored into our DNA, in the way our brains are structured. In fact, it is at the root of how humans developed complex adaptive responses to our environment, how we built the first fire and the first tool and the first wheel. And how we built homes, developed agriculture to this Internet Moment where I speak to you from a location on the World Wide Web.

And yet, because of conditions in our upbringing, social messages and how we interpreted them, the beliefs we formed in consequence, the norms we assume, we roam around in self-imposed boundaries. We live in a cage we built ourselves.

You can say we live in a natural refrigerator, preserving our unconscious patterns to reproduce us in our past forms afresh.

Sometimes we succeed in producing something wonderful. That one single time. And then somewhere in the journey we find ourselves limited.

Or perhaps we know we can do more, think differently but don’t know how. We sit in awe of a Da Vinci, an Einstein, a Salvador Dali, a Jim Morrison or an Elon Musk. How do they do it, we wonder?

Dismantling the mental cage is simple; the will to dismantle is not so easy. The awareness we are in a cage is very low. Often it is an observer who notices the patterns. These patterns have become our normal cool way of being except in moments when we wonder– emm, why am I stuck? Why can’t I think stupendously like him or her or that?

The natural state is to flow. Easily. Beautifully. From one way of thinking to another. Curious. Willing.

How do we do what we do better? How do we flow? How do we fly and soar the high skies? Interested?

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Coaching Packages


Creativity for Entrepreneurs

You are passionate about your idea, hustling to make it happen. Also there is the ruthless market, the family demands and everything in between! 

Is that you? 

You and I will work together to enhance your unique entrepreneurial creative capabilities and equip you take care of your genius lonely self

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Creativity for Artists and Innovators

From a time when you were flowing and producing exciting new work to the stuck creative patterns that bring stress and anxiety along.

I have been there. 

In this one, we go deep and wide unleashing your true creative prowess and cultivate a healthy relationship with money!

Hop on-board!



The group coaching is directed to helping writers open up, reprioritize, discover their voice in writing and write from their spirit, the substratum of this magical universe. From the space of power, work to connect and influence readers. For 2020, this program is online.


Ethnography for #UX Design Thinkers

Design-thinking is a revolutionary approach to developing products and design that relate well with
consumers. I teach language skills and psychology for design-thinkers. I also teach the specialized
research form of Ethnography specifically for #UX design-thinkers.