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Ethnography for UX Designers

Design-thinking is a revolutionary approach to developing products and design that relate well with consumers. I teach language skills and psychology for design-thinkers. I also teach the specialized research form of Ethnography specifically for #UX design-thinkers.

Ethnography is a long-term engagement with a consumer cultural group, collecting data through observation, key informant interviews and textual material in their natural settings, and analyzing it using the worldview and understanding of cultural protocols used within the community. This research allows design-thinkers to develop and place a product within a community that aligns easily and fills a gap that can be understood only from within the group.

Ethnography practice also improves the art and science of understanding consumers without projecting your Model of the World onto them. It is Clean Research.

I hold a PhD in Intercultural and Gender Communication and used an ethnographic approach to write my PhD research work. It is, by far, my favourite research methodology to study communities. This expertise is combined with my knowledge in Neurolinguistics to build quick rapport, discern language to understand how a thought is being produced and what is presupposed.

The course aims to:

  1. Train design-thinkers in ethnographic methods
  2. Scale up ability to identify key informants and interview through neurolinguistic training
  3. Build a high-level capacity to understand cultural and individual models.
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Ethnography for UX Designers

The event currently ongoing and ends on 10th April, 2019

Ethnography for UX Designers (online)

Event Details: April 10-July 10 (Wednesday 8 pm IST each week)

Ethnography for #UX Designers (online)

Event Details: July 17- Oct 9 (Wednesday 8 pm IST each week)