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I offer a series of webinars of 2-3 hours duration each, multiple times during the year. The topics include What is NLP, Writing AMA, Sensing Language Patterns – Level 1 and Level 2

Please visit my webinar page for latest webinar details.


You can access coaching and counselling with the Lightweaver on Zoom/Skype

  1. Zoom/Skype Coaching (Days open: Sunday/Tuesday night: 7:30 pm- 10:00 pm; Thursday: 7 am -10 am)

For fees and packages, please visit this page.

You can book an initial one-hour consultation for Rs 2000.

To book a session or details on packages, please click here.

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, two 50% scholarships for folks who can’t afford are available.

NLP+MSP Courses

Interested in learning NLP?

Special NLP+MSP Evolve online program for the Covid19 Pandemic period.

Keep learning, upskilling, evolving.

NLP+MSP Evolve Level 1: April 4-6 (3 hours each day)

Level 2:April 7-9 (3 hours each day)

Upgrade post-pandemic to NLP Practitioner Certification

Click on LEARN MORE below for details and to register.

Lightweaver Writing Masterclass

Attend the Lightweaver Writing Masterclass Online or take a Free Webinar for your Writing Project. Check my schedule here. 

Writing AMA (Free webinar)

March 26: 7-9:30 pm

March 30: 7-8:30 am

Online Writing Masterclass

Level-1: April 6-April 30

Level-2: May 4- May 30


We are pleased to announce THREE International Programs in 2020. Please visit their respective pages for details and registration.

  • Mental Space Bonanza with Dr Lucas Derks and Jacqueline Heemskerk: Feb 19- March 1, 2020. In Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. Details here. (This program is over)
  • Feldenkrais Method Training with Stewart Hamblin: Sep 5-20, 2020. In Hyderabad. Details here.
  • Clean in India with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley: Oct 17-22, 2020. Details here.

(All Lightweavers access 10% in-house discount to all international training programs)