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The Lightweaver will be speaking at the Global NLP Conference India 2019, Mumbai on “The Where of Creativity”.

Date: Dec 1

For more details visit: NLP Conference India website


The Lighthouse Hyderabad is your single-stop place for high-quality curated workshops that enhance your well-being and improve your outcomes.

Located in Himayat Nagar (3rd floor Span Chambers, Old MLA Quarters), this is a convenient location for your in-person coaching and training needs.

For the  month of November 2019 and February 2020,

  • Feldenkrais Method (ATM and FI): Nov 4-10 
  • Dec 21-22: NLP Foundation
  • Dec 21-24: NLP for Life
  • Dec 21-27: NLP Practitioner
  • Dec 28-29: Lightweaver Writing Masterclass
  • Dec 30: Writing as Therapy
  • Jan 11-12: Public Speaking
  • Jan 13: Group Communication
  • Jan 14: Advanced Language Mastery
  • Jan 25-26: NLP Foundation
  • Jan 25-28: NLP for Life 
  • Jan 25-31: NLP Practitioner
  • Feb 19-Mar 3- MSP BONANZA

Introduction to Mental Space Psychology

Mental Space Psychology (MSP) is the new paradigm of psychology that investigates Space around us and inside our body as the primary organizing principle of the Mind. What we think of is somewhere in the Space. This is largely unconscious. This is the substratum of knowledge upon which perceptions are built up. This in turn impacts the way we are in the world and how we sense others. Changework that uses Mental Space knowledge is quicker and more effective since it is a deep-seated work.

Available Dates

July 27-28:  Hyderabad (Over)
Aug 3-4:  Vizag (Over)
Aug 17-18: Mumbai (Over)
Sep 7-8: Bengaluru (over)

Nov 16-17:  Hyderabad (over)

Dec 14-15: Bengaluru (Coming up)

NLP Courses at The Lighthouse

Interested in learning NLP?

The Lighthouse provides a wide range of NLP courses from those who want to taste the waters to those who want to be certified NLP Practitioners.

And there is a bonus. You can also receive a certificate in Mental Space Psychology when you complete NLP for Life or NLP Practitioner Program.

And wait, there is more bonus.

You can avail any of the Lightweaver core skill offerings at heavily discounted rates.

Email for more details.

Available Dates in December

Dec 21-22:  NLP Foundation 

Dec 21-24:  NLP for Life

Dec 21-27: NLP Practitioner Certification Program

Available Dates in January

Jan 25-26: NLP Foundation

Jan 25-28: NLP for Life

Jan 25-31: NLP Practitioner Program

Lightweaver Writing Masterclass

Attend the Lightweaver Writing Masterclass in person in your city. Check my schedule here. The benefits of this approach – it is live and therefore highly dynamic. When you are in the workshop, you have set aside all other priorities and can provide a chunk of time to creative work. You learn from the group dynamics and through peer-learning.

Available Dates

Dec 28-29:  Hyderabad 

Jan 4-5:  Mumbai 

A special Writing as Therapy session in Hyd and Mumbai:

Dec 30 (Hyd): 10 am – 5pm

Jan 6 (Mumbai): 10 am – 5pm

(Pre-requisites: NLP background or have taken Lightweaver Writing Masterclass)


MSP (Mental space psychology) Bonanza 2020

We are excited to announce the MSP Bonanza 2020.

NLP Award Winner Dr Lucas Derks will be returning to India and teach in two cities.

His colleague Jacqueline Heemskerk will also be teaching her landmark model on Weight Loss in Mental Space.

City: Hyderabad

Feb 19-21: Mental Space Psychology Course (with focus on Depression) by Dr Lucas Derks

Feb 22-23: Weight Loss in Mental Space by Jacqueline Heemskerk

City: Visakhapatnam 

(Organiser: I Flow Consultants)

Feb 26- Mar 1: Social Panorama Consultant Training by Dr Lucas Derks