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Now you can access coaching and counselling with the Lightweaver in two ways:

  1. In-person at The Lighthouse, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad. (Days open: Monday 10 am – 6 pm; Thursday 10 am-6pm, Friday 10 am – 6pm. Occasionally on Saturday from 10 am – 2pm).
  2. Zoom/Skype Coaching (Days open: Sunday/Monday/Tuesday night: 7:30 pm- 9:30 pm; Wednesday: 7 am -3 pm)

For fees and packages, please visit this page.

You can book an initial one-hour consultation for Rs 2000.

To book a session or details on packages, please click here.

NLP Courses at The Lighthouse

Interested in learning NLP?

The Lightweaver House of NLP provides a wide range of NLP courses from those who want to taste the waters to those who want to be certified NLP Practitioners.

And there is a bonus. You can also receive a certificate in Mental Space Psychology from the Founder of Mental Space Academy India when you complete NLP for Life or NLP Practitioner Program.

Email for more details.

NLP Foundation(2 days)

Jan 11-12 (Mumbai); Jan 25-26 (Hyd); April 11-12 (Hyd); Aug 15-16 (Hyd); Dec 19-20 (Hyd)

NLP for Life +MSP Certification (4 days)

Jan 25-28; April 11-14; Aug 15-18; Dec 19-22 (All courses in Hyd)

NLP +MSP Practitioner Program (7 days)

Jan 25-31, 2020; April 11-17, 2020; Aug 15-21, 2020; Dec 19-25, 2020 (All practitioner courses in Hyd)

Vizag Special:

NLP+MSP for Life: May 1-4

NLP+MSP Practitioner: May 1-7

NLP +MSP Master Practitioner

May 30- June 7, 2020; Dec 26, 2020- Jan 3, 2021

Lightweaver Writing Masterclass

Attend the Lightweaver Writing Masterclass in person in your city. Check my schedule here. The benefits of this approach – it is live and therefore highly dynamic. When you are in the workshop, you have set aside all other priorities and can provide a chunk of time to creative work. You learn from the group dynamics and through peer-learning.

Available Dates
Course hours: 10 am – 5pm in each case

Feb 15-16; May 16-17; Aug 29-30 (these dates in Mumbai) 

April 18-19; Aug 22-23 (these dates in Hyd)


We are pleased to announce THREE International Programs in 2020. Please visit their respective pages for details and registration.

  • Mental Space Bonanza with Dr Lucas Derks and Jacqueline Heemskerk: Feb 19- March 1, 2020. In Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. Details here.
  • Feldenkrais Method Training with Stewart Hamblin: Sep 5-20, 2020. In Hyderabad. Details here.
  • Clean in India with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley: Oct 17-22, 2020. Details here.

(All Lightweavers access 10% in-house discount to all international training programs)


I offer a series of webinars of 2-3 hours duration each, multiple times during the year. The topics include Sensing Language Patterns – Level 1 and Level 2

Please visit my webinar page for latest webinar details.