Frequently Asked Questions for MSP Bonanza 2020

  • What is the difference between the 3-day MSP course by Dr Lucas and the 5-day Social Panorama course?
    • Mental Space Psychology course is about the field of Mental Space Psychology– its foundations, the various diagnostic and intervention models developed in this field, the various ways in which we can use our knowledge of MSP in our everyday life.
    • Social Panorama Consultant course is about the model that Dr Lucas Derks developed to diagnose and treat unconscious social relationship behaviours using MSP.
  • Are there are discounts?
  • It costs a chunk of money. Why?
    • It takes a lot of effort, time and money to organise an international training program. From fees, to flight, to stay and hospitality to the many many hours spent in looking into minute details of organising—it is a mammoth human effort and investment. I do it because I want us Indians to access the best global teachers in our field. And it delights me when participants join in enthusiastically.
    • You can choose to travel to Europe or South America to take this training. The cost of each program starts from 1000 euros. Besides your flight tickets and stay and visa. Further more, few trainings are conducted in English across the world. We are offering it at a quarter of the cost in the comfort of your own country. Which do you choose
    • Registration link here:
  • Can I take it next year?
    • I do not know if Lucas will choose to teach in India next year. He may, he may not. Or may decide to teach another course. I can say with confidence he will teach in India in Feb 2020. Do you want to take your chances or register straightaway? Registration link here:
  • Why Hyderabad?
    • Why not? 😊 The headquarters of mental space psychology in India is in Hyderabad. The Mental Space Academy India is in Hyderabad.
  • Can I take the same course from an Indian trainer?
    • There are no approved trainers in India for the courses Lucas Derks or Jacqueline Heemskerk teach.
  • How will I benefit if I take this course with Lucas and Jacqueline?
    • You would have learnt a cutting-edge award-winning technology that you can apply immediately to your professional field. You would be more effective in your practice, improving client experience and better feedback. This improves your growth opportunities and your professional satisfaction.
  • Do I need NLP to take this course?
    • NLP background is beneficial for your understanding of this course. However if you don’t have it, for your convenience we are offering special NLP Primer course in Hyderabad and Vizag. This is your chance to upskill and learn both NLP and MSP. Check dates here.
  • Is it a complicated subject? Can I learn?
    • Both Lucas and Jacqueline teach in a way that makes processes and concepts very simple. Most folks learn and apply almost immediately after the program.
  • Where is the Venue in Hyderabad?
    • It is not decided as yet. But it will be in a nice hotel in Banjara Hills/Somajigudda/Punjagutta/Begumpet area.
  • What about accommodation?
    • We will suggest you a list of accommodations once the venue is finalised. You can make your arrangements using the list.
  • Do you arrange for sightseeing trips?
    • Unfortunately, we only facilitate your learning. We invite you to network with other course-mates on the first day of training and arrange. You may end up making a Hyderabadi friend for a lifetime. 😊
  • I have dietary restrictions.
    • Please email: with the restrictions. We will do our best to accommodate.
  • What is provided in the training?
    • You will be provided manuals, tea/coffee, and lunch.
  • Is the venue disabled-friendly?
    • We intend to find a venue that is friendly. If there is any other requirements, please email us:

Did we answer all your questions? Yes? 😊

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