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What is Feldenkrais Method?

The Feldenkrais Method is a powerful and radical approach to improving your life through body movement. It creatively uses gentle, mindful movement to bring new awareness and possibility into every aspect of your life. The Feldenkrais Method was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Ukrainian-Israeli engineer and physicist. It has helped millions of people worldwide.

And here you can read some of the remarkable stories of recovery and growth via Feldenkrais Method :

1.The guy who blew out his ACL

2. The musician who learnt to play better

3. And she danced at her wedding

Read about the connection of Neuroplasticity and Feldenkrais Method in the words of famous neuroscientist Norman Doidge here.

Feldenkrais Method in India with Stewart Hamblin

And now you can receive Feldenkrais lessons here in India. I am pleased Stewart Hamblin, Feldenkrais Method teacher (from United Kingdom) will be conducting a week-long Feldenkrais program in India in November 4-10, 2019.

For Stewart is not only a Feldenkrais teacher but also a Jeremy Krause Approach Practitioner and Movement Lesson Practitioner. Read more about how he came to this method on his website:

What do Stewart’s clients think about his teaching?

I didn’t know what to expect but I left the room with a renew love for simplicity and totally calmed. There is such a brilliance in deconstructing moves and building awareness….On a secondary note: my 15 years old back pain seriously reduced! No idea what happened in there but it’s the first time I have woken up without back pain in a long long time! Amazing” J. O.

The experience of Feldenkrais was deeply relaxing and freeing. I love your ability with the tone, pause, speed and inflection of language to subtly move us along with the exercises and states that help them. You have great precision guiding us.” M.B.

And read more about what Stewart’s clients think of him here.


From Stewart Hamblin’s Website

So do you want to experience his training straightaway? His Youtube channel is very popular. Do a session with him online: Feldenkrais Moments with Stewart Hamblin Some examples below.

Did you like the sessions with him? Want to register? Register here.

Wondering who can benefit?

  • Everyone
  • Those with injuries/knee/hip/joint pains
  • Sportspersons/dancers/musicians/fitness enthusiasts who desire to move easily
  • Movement therapists
  • Changeworkers/those who understand mind-body connection
  • Everyone

So what does the program consist of? The Feldenkrais Method program has two components:

  1. Awareness Through Movement (Group classes): Nov 4, 5, 6 (full days) & Nov 7 (half day)
  2. Functional Integration Lesson: This is a private 1:1 lesson lasting about an hour. There are 18 slots available on first come first served basis. 12 slots are already booked.

Fees for this RARE Opportunity to learn from an International Feldenkrais Method Teacher:

Regular Fees: INR 25,000 for Group Lessons (3.5 days).

Early Bird (1) Fees (if paid in full by Sep 9); INR 15,000

Early Bird (2) Fees (if paid in full by Sep 27): INR 20,000

Fees for Functional Integration Lessons 1:1: Rs 5000. (Please note 12 slots are already booked)

Group Discounts available for groups of 3 or more.

Ready to Register?

You can register for Group Movement Lessons here.

To book a 1:1 Functional Integration lesson, please email or WhatsApp 8754507365.