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PROGRAM: Introduction to Feldenkrais Method by Stewart Hamblin

Stewart is Back In India!

Via zoom 🙂

Our popular Feldenkrais Method teacher Stewart has kindly agreed to teach a 8 session Introduction to Feldenkrais Method: Awareness Through Movement (ATM).

Read about his last visit and media coverage to India below.

The Feldenkrais Method can teach us how to reframe the way that we think about and organise movement. As we navigate life we tend to rely on habitual ways of doing. Often this serves us well but, all too often, these habits become chains.

Consider an young office worker. Hours, days, weeks, months, years moulded around a computer begin to impact the way that he or she uses their spine, head and neck. In quite a short time they forget that there are other – better, more efficient, healthier – ways of doing.

Their freedom of choice and therefore their freedom to move in the way that they can is taken away by stealth. In time they begin to complain of knee, back, neck or hip pain and seek treatment for these symptoms.

A surgical intervention may treat the symptoms but the problem doesn’t go away because the habitual pattern of self-use hasn’t been addressed and the pattern that has supported the pain laden symptoms continues.


The 8 lessons presented in this course will introduce you to the Feldenkrais Method and will show you how you can identify and change such patterns and the self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from leading the best lives in movement that we are capable off. The Method is best understood by doing.

The 8 lessons chosen – performed either lying down on the floor or sitting in chair – will introduce you to the core principles of this approach. I very much hope that you will join us.


  1. Neck and shoulder relief
  2. How to engage your flexors – for a stronger core
  3. How to engage your extensors – learn how to activate your spine.
  4. Big toe/four toes – connecting the limbs to the core
  5. Free the neck
  6. Side bending – its importance for balance
  7. Twisting – our evolutionary advantage
  8. Rolling like a baby – for a better back


Unwind your work week with a Friday Night Feldenkrais Method session and slip into a relaxing creative weekend. For two months!

Every Friday, starting Sep 11, 8 pm- 9 pm IST. The course ends on Friday Nov 6, 2020. (Oct 2 is a Holiday)

Fees: 75 pounds payable directly to Stewart via Paypal.

Total Seats: 20

First come first served.

Whatsapp: 8754507365/

More About Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is a powerful and radical approach to improving your life through body movement. It creatively uses gentle, mindful movement to bring new awareness and possibility into every aspect of your life. The Feldenkrais Method was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Ukrainian-Israeli engineer and physicist. It has helped millions of people worldwide.

And here you can read some of the remarkable stories of recovery and growth via Feldenkrais Method :

1.The guy who blew out his ACL

2. The musician who learnt to play better

3. And she danced at her wedding

Read about the connection of Neuroplasticity and Feldenkrais Method in the words of famous neuroscientist Norman Doidge here.

Stewart Hamblin (Feldenkrais Method teacher from UK who will now be regularly visiting India) was interviewed by The Hindu while in India on Feldenkrais Method. Read about it here.

More about Stewart on his website:

Feldenkrais Method in India with Stewart Hamblin (Last program Nov 4-10, 2019)

We rolled away from our mats, legs loosely clamped to our chests. It was the final day of Awareness Through Movement, the group session module of the Feldenkrais program. Spirits were high and alignment was in the air.

Learning about the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education was a prime example of how nothing beats experience. One can read about neuroplasticity for days, but until their bodies are taken apart and put back together with grace, there isn’t scope for change.

Within a lovely group and with the help of the generous Stewart Hamblin, India welcomed and organized themselves to Feldenkrais. Participants of the group classes, Awareness Through Movement, were a mix of mathematicians, writers, trainers and sportspeople. By the end of the lessons, the group were standing taller, feeling excellent and practically gliding across The Lighthouse.

The 1:1 sessions were a delight for everyone who walked through the doors to Stewart’s workspace. What a vibrant and vivid difference in everyone’s faces and movements! What a humbling experience, to be in the presence of magic in action.

The Lightweaver House of NLP is thrilled to announce that Stewart Hamblin, UK-based Feldenkrais Practitioner and Movement Lesson Practitioner, will be returning to India via Zoom this year with an 8-Lesson Introduction to Feldenkrais Method Program in September. Scroll up for details. 

What do Stewart’s clients think about his teaching?

I didn’t know what to expect but I left the room with a renew love for simplicity and totally calmed. There is such a brilliance in deconstructing moves and building awareness….On a secondary note: my 15 years old back pain seriously reduced! No idea what happened in there but it’s the first time I have woken up without back pain in a long long time! Amazing” J. O.

“Learning about Feldenkrais, and understanding (accepting, forgiving, loving) my body through this wonderful method of somatic education, has been life-changing.

I really don’t have the words at the moment. All of them have flowed back into my throat, and the back of my fingers, and are resting. It’s been a while since my words have returned to my body, it’s been a while since it’s been OKAY to be here.

Thank you for your energy, your lessons, and the brilliant week we’re all untwisting from. “- Shayontoni G

“I am introduced to my skeleton by someone else 🤪 I am able to identify my 206 bones, I can now even make a sketch of my skeleton 😃. I have understood my body patterns, how my standing, sitting, walking, bending what not. I can identify myself when ribs are carving for some love from me.I understood the connection between body and mind. How to focus on every inch on my body and consciously align them. I felt like I have being introduced to myself when I was little me rolling, pulling, stretching,picking 👶 Its a beautiful experience to understand journey inside my bones. Thank you Stewart, you are the best teacher!” – Gouri B

Attended Awareness through movement by Stewart Hamblin at the Lighthouse. It was a wonderful experience to learn lesson after lesson to explore different parts of your body. The experience was made amazing by Bhavana Nissima. Thanks for bringing Stewart Hamblin to Hyderabad and exposing me to Feldenkrais’s work.” – Murali P

And read more about what Stewart’s clients think of him here.


So do you want to experience his training straightaway? His Youtube channel is very popular. Do a session with him online: Feldenkrais Moments with Stewart Hamblin Some examples below.

Did you like the sessions with him? Want to register? Registrations open in June 2020.

Wondering who can benefit?

  • Everyone
  • Those with injuries/knee/hip/joint pains
  • Sportspersons/dancers/musicians/fitness enthusiasts who desire to move easily
  • Movement therapists
  • Changeworkers/those who understand mind-body connection
  • Everyone

So what does the program consist of? The Feldenkrais Method program has two components:

  1. Awareness Through Movement (Group classes)
  2. Functional Integration Lesson: This is a private 1:1 lesson lasting about an hour. 

To subscribe to our newsletter or to be on Feldenkrais email list, please email or WhatsApp 8754507365.