2019 to 2020

The Year That Was

As the last day of the year rolls to a close, I reflect on the achievements of The Lightweaver House of NLP.

The Lighthouse, the training and coaching facility of the organisation in Hyderabad was established in August 2019. The facility is located in Himayat Nagar, close to Himayat Nagar circle on Old MLA Quarters.

The facility has been visited and used by many fellow coaches/trainers.

Local and international artists also kindly offered to paint art on the wall.

Rayner DSilva, Hyderabad Band Musician and a popular face in Western Music circles, painted the mural of Rising Sun.

Alexander Safronov, Russian Therapist on a visit to Hyderabad, India painted the Lighthouse.

Here is a video of him painting the space.

Fellow Trainers facilitated workshops in this space. They include Gayatri Aptekar of Inner Canvas who conducted a Storytelling workshop, Lucia Kavkova who facilitated few MSP workshops and Shayontoni Ghosh who facilitated couple of Creativity building workshops.

An important milestone was achieved when Stewart Hamblin conduct a week-long Feldenkrais Method program. Several folks took his Awareness Through Movement as well as Functional Integration 1:1 lessons. The event was also carried in The Hindu.

The year ended with a marathon ten day workshop phase from Dec 21-27: three NLP courses including NLP Practitioner, a Writing Masterclass as well as Writing as Therapy session.

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