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Heal and create

For some of us, healing is a priority. A relationship breakdown, repeated memories of the past, poor self-esteem and self-confidence, fear, lack of motivation, procrastination, depression, and physical health issues.

The Lightweaver approach to healing is ‘Heal AND Create’.

I have noticed often clients go on an unending loop of healing, session after session, from one modality to another. That approach to healing holds several unresourceful stories. Like:

  1. I have a lot of trauma that is difficult to excavate and resolve. (The issue here is we identify ourselves with the past and in terms of trauma)
  2. Until I heal fully, I won’t be able to do anything. (The issue here is stifling movement and flow based on a limiting belief)
  3. I am too injured to create. (The issue here is we identify ourselves as wounded and weak)

I believe Everyone Can Weave Their Lights. In my sessions you will concurrently resolve issues that bother you and taking decisions, plan for a project/venture or how move ahead.

I believe that everyone has experienced pain and injury in their lives. Everyone processes it differently. The issue is not in the experiences but rather how is the specific processing affecting your flow in the current moment. The past is important to resolve only so far as it impacts the present in working towards a resourceful future. Working on where you are Now helps you flow again.

And yet, because of conditions in our upbringing, social messages and how we interpreted them, the beliefs we formed in consequence, the norms we assume, we roam around in self-imposed boundaries. We live in a cage we built ourselves.

You can say we live in a natural refrigerator, preserving our unconscious patterns to reproduce us in our past forms afresh.

Sometimes we succeed in producing something wonderful. That one single time. And then somewhere in the journey we find ourselves limited.

Or perhaps we know we can do more, think differently but don’t know how. We sit in awe of a Da Vinci, an Einstein, a Salvador Dali, a Jim Morrison or an Elon Musk. How do they do it, we wonder?

Dismantling the mental cage is simple; the will to dismantle is not so easy. The awareness we are in a cage is very low. Often it is an observer who notices the patterns. These patterns have become our normal cool way of being except in moments when we wonder– emm, why am I stuck? Why can’t I think stupendously like him or her or that?

The natural state is to flow. Easily. Beautifully. From one way of thinking to another. Curious. Willing.

How do we do what we do better? How do we flow? How do we fly and soar the high skies? Interested? 

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