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Lighthouse Workshops

Finding The Creative You

Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage.’ – Claude M. Bristol

A certain deep and magnificent power resides within each and every one of us – the power to pull at the threads of reality to watch it unravel and to put back together a world that makes sense to us; the power to break through doubt and fears seamlessly and heroically; the power to create. Whether you are working individually on pieces of art like painting or poetry; or if you are part of a collective working towards putting up a theatrical performance; or if you simply wish to connect with the creative force inside of you – Finding the Creative You allows you to meet, or re-acquaint yourself, with your fundamental creative drive.

Finding the Creative You is a workshop designed for young adults, ages 12 and above. However, older adults can get the same benefits, as well as getting back in touch with their playful sides. The workshop covers theatrical games, exercises using Clean Space and Mental Space exploration. Participants will leave with renewed faith in their creative prowess, a host of fun exercises to do by themselves (or in groups) whenever the mojo seems to be stalling, and a toolbox of creative practices they can pursue, at their own time, in order to remain in the state of flow.

Date: Saturday, 7th Sep 2019
Time: 10am – 2pm
Fees: INR 1000 

Early registrations, before August 20th , can avail the workshop at a reduced fee of INR 750

About the Workshop Facilitator
All sanity depends on this: that it should be a delight to feel heat strike the skin, a delight to stand upright, knowing the bones are moving easily under the flesh.’ – Doris Lessing
For Shayontoni Ghosh, making art is almost as joyful as facilitating art. A writer, theatre artiste, NLP and Mental Space-based coach – she has spent her life in pursuit of artistic goals big and small. Working with theatre groups in Hyderabad for 14 years has given her valuable experience and a keen understanding of the stage, the technicalities of a production, and the sheer will and stamina it requires to keep everything together. As a writer, she has explored various mediums – screen; playwriting, poetry, copywriting for advertising agencies and prose. Her foray into coaching with NLP and Mental Space Psychology is a natural move down a path, uncovered and defined lovingly over a short life of trying to make things better.

Welcome Money


Her signature workshops are “Work Life Harmony” and “Welcome Money”. In both these workshops, the participants experienced a deep shift and intense transformation.

These are the other workshops which she has facilitated in the recent past:
1. “Metamorphosis” a workshop for women who are eager to make empowering changes in their
2. A workshop on “Expressive Writing” for the students of Andhra University.
3. A Story writing workshop for the students at Oakridge.
“Welcome Money” will focus on the following:
1. Exploring the current relationship with money.
2. Mining for the Limiting beliefs around money
3. Changing the belief landscape around money.
4. Embracing the new money narrative.

She is a much revered public speaker. She has held various leadership roles in Toastmasters International.

She reads an average of two books a week. She loves dabbling in poetry and is a mother to two beautiful brats. Money excites. Money energizes. Money heals. Money also brings that sudden heaviness in your body when you are not reaching your desired goal/outcome. How do you build a positive and empowering relationship with money? So that you create money and own it? In a way that brings joy and sweetness into your life.

Date: Sep 8

Time: 10 am-5 pm

Fees: INR 3200

Early registrations, before August 20th , can avail the workshop at a reduced fee of INR 2700

Remember prosperity starts with the right mind-set. Prosperity starts with YOU.

About the Facilitator:
Sridevi Datta is an NLP enthusiast. She enables people to explore the vast mental landscapes that thrive within them so that they reach their desired outcome with joy and ease. Through her compassionate questioning and creative use of NLP and MSP (Mental Space Psychology), she helps people achieve a state of flow. She is inquisitive about Clean Language and the metaphoric landscape that people carry within them. She is an NLP Life Coach and a Social Panorama Consultant.
She is committed to change the paradigm of change work and transformation. She is all excited to host the “Social Panorama Consultant” later this year. She is also an avid author and has broken many a stereotype through her bold essay, “How I as a Single Mother Reclaimed My Lakshmi” which was published by Huffington post.



Words are how we think, Stories are how we link” -Christina Baldwin 
In the age of information overload and reducing attention spans, a great story, narrated well at an appropriate time, creates deep connection. 
To learn how to tell a great story, The Lighthouse has invited Master StoryTeller Gayatri Aptekar of Inner Canvas, Mumbai.
The 1 day intensive workshop, ‘Storycatcher’ is designed to introduce the participants to –
●What is a STORY?
●Why and How Storytelling works
●Practical strategies to Write and Tell Better Stories
●Practical Strategies to tap into inner creativity
●How to use Voice Modulation, Movement and Language to connect better with your audience.
●How to use your own story to make an impact
The workshop format is highly interactive, with games and activities, to make the learning experiential, engaging and unforgettable.
Date: Sep 15
Time: 10 am-5 pm
Fees: INR 4500
Early registrations, before August 20th , can avail the workshop at a reduced fee of INR 4000.
About the Facilitator: 
Gayatri Aptekar wears many hats, successfully. She’s a mom, a writer, Kathak dancer, Parent Coach and Therapist but above all a Storyteller. She left her 10 year corporate career to pursue her ‘Ikigai’ (passion) Storytelling.
She picks every day moments and makes them memorable through her powerful narration. 
Through her storytelling venture, Under the Story Tree, she has connected with over 10,000 individuals (children, college students, corporate executives, teachers and housewives). She performs regularly at open mics and conducts workshops on Storytelling, Parenting, Personal Development and Mental Health.
She’s a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Cognitive Therapies. Her articles on parenting, relationships, wellness and personal development are featured in Complete Well-being, Parentous, First Moms Club and Momexpresso. 
One of her true stories is a part of ‘So What’s your Story’, Australia’s ‘World Stories Documentary’.
Her another story is a featured in the book, ‘The Best of Tall Tales’ published by Rupa Publications. She’s also featured as one of the human books at Human Library Mumbai. Her courage, honesty and vulnerability makes her one of the most captivating storytellers in India.