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Lighthouse Workshops

Finding The Creative You


Finding The Creative You by Shayontoni Ghosh – Saturday, 26th October, 10am – 2pm

‘Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage.’ – Claude M. Bristol

 A certain deep and magnificent power resides within each and every one of us – the power to pull at the threads of reality to watch it unravel and to put back together a world that makes sense to us; the power to break through doubt and fears seamlessly and heroically; the power to create.

Whether you are working individually on pieces of art like painting or poetry; or if you are part of a collective working towards putting up a theatrical performance; or if you simply wish to connect with the creative force inside of you – Finding the Creative You allows you to meet, or re-acquaint yourself, with your fundamental creative drive.

The workshop covers theatrical games, exercises using Clean Space and Mental Space exploration. Participants will leave with renewed faith in their creative prowess, a host of fun exercises to do by themselves (or in groups) whenever the mojo seems to be stalling, and a toolbox of creative practices they can pursue, at their own time, in order to remain in the state of flow.

Saturday, 26th October 2019

10am – 2pm

Fees: Rs. 1,500/-

About the facilitator:

‘All sanity depends on this: that it should be a delight to feel heat strike the skin, a delight to stand upright, knowing the bones are moving easily under the flesh.’ – Doris Lessing


For Shayontoni Ghosh, making art is almost as joyful as facilitating art.

A writer, theatre artiste, NLP and Mental Space-based coach – she has spent her life in pursuit of artistic goals big and small. Working with theatre groups in Hyderabad for 14 years has given her valuable experience and a keen understanding of the stage, the technicalities of a production, and the sheer will and stamina it requires to keep everything together. As a writer, she has explored various mediums – screen & playwriting, poetry, copywriting for advertising agencies and prose. Her foray into coaching with NLP and Mental Space Psychology is a natural move down a path, uncovered and defined lovingly over a short life of trying to make things better.


Women's Circle

 Women’s Circle – Saturday, 22nd November, 5.30-8.30PM

From the clothes we wear to the music we dance to….all the way to the dance moves themselves – everything is self-expression. 

As women, our self-expression is often held hostage, discouraged or completely pushed under the rug. In the interest of our well-being, it is vital we find modes of self-expression that work for us and excel at it. 

Our monthly Women’s Circles return for November with Women & Self Expression. 



Friday, 15th November, at The Seed of Gratitude, Film Nagar

Friday, 22nd November at The Lighthouse, Himayatnagar

5.30 – 8.30PM on both days. 


Rs. 500 in advance/Rs. 600 thereafter

About the Facilitator: 
Lucia Kankipati and Shayontoni Ghosh have been facilitating this across town. The Lighthouse is proud to host the Women’s Circle this Navratri season.

Other Key Workshops in November

There are two major workshops at The Lighthouse in November 2019.
Firstly, we are thrilled to welcome Stewart Hamblin from United Kingdom. He will be teaching Feldenkrais Method at The Lighthouse.
Dates: Nov 4-10
(Group as well as Individual sessions)
For more details and registration, please visit this page.
The second major workshop is the popular Introduction to Mental Space Psychology by Dr Bhavana Nissima. This is being repeated on request. This workshop has been conducted in 5 cities now.
Dates: Nov 16-17
For details and registration, lease visit this page.

Yoga for Posibilities

What is Yoga? People who has never done yoga or the beginners in Yoga practice think that Yoga is for weight loss or general physical fitness.
It is NOT.
It is something beyond just physical fitness. As you practice more, you will slowly find out that the ultimate goal is to connect with the Universe. It strengthens your relationship with the Universal Consciousness. You begin to reach at the fundamental root of your thinking– the breath and how through flexing breath and bringing flow into your organs, you open possibilities of Being in this Universe.
How does it work? Asanas, i.e. physical exercise is a part of yoga. And, then the pranayama and meditation plays the important role.  By gaining control of the physical, the practitioner wields the prana and by managing the prana, one gains mastery of the mind. And, as soon as you are able to master your mind, you can achieve what you want in life because your belief becomes so strong that you open up space for miracles to emerge.  
Do you want to stop doubting and start believing in yourself, your capabilities, YOUR Unlimited Possibilities? Join our sessions of Yoga for Possibilities  at the Lighthouse three days a week. Mon-Wed-Thurs, 8-9 am morning, starting Sep 4, 2019. Fees Rs 2500/month

About the Trainer 

Smita is a certified yoga trainer from one the most ancient Yoga Ashram-Sivananda Ashram from Kerala. After working for 24 years in a nationalised bank, she resigned to pursue her hobbies and passions. She is artist by heart. She has done paintings on various subjects from nature to people, depicting the art in ordinary life and nature.  Trekking is her passion.  She is trekking since 28 years and goes to Himalayas at least twice in a year to rediscover herself. And, practice of 14 years of Karate helped her a lot in yoga, too. She is Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.


For many years I have used Tarot. Not as a predictive forecasting tool but as a way to gain multiple perspectives and clarity about self in context of an issue. I kept it as a little secret known only to close friends and family.

Post-NLP and Mental Space Psychology (MSP) I evolved my ability to use Tarot deck powerfully with great results.

The following are some testimonials:

“The session with Bhavna was very deep and insightful. I could understand my life and such different levels… layers like veils lifted up revealing so much …. it helped me realise where I am going from here and where everything that is happening in my life is coming from… the session bought me closer to recognise the purpose of my life! It was spiritual, emotional, intellectual…. all of these at the same time and that is so awesome. I thank Bhavna with all my heart for one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences I could have 🙏🏻”

“NLP with tarot is something magical I had experienced. I went to Bhavana to have my cards read and came back with a beautiful sense of how I should go about achieving my outcome. Never before have I felt a greater sense of purpose. Thank you Lightweaver.”

For the month of September, the inaugural month of The Lighthouse, I am opening up this process to all. You may book a live in-person session with me. Readings are for 60-90 mins. Charges are Rs 3500.