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Introduction to Mental Space Psychology

Mental Space Psychology (MSP) is the new paradigm of psychology that investigates Space around us and inside our body as the primary organizing principle of the Mind.

What we think of is somewhere in the Space. This is largely unconscious. This is the substratum of knowledge upon which perceptions are built up. This in turn impacts the way we are in the world and how we sense others.

Changework that uses Mental Space knowledge is quicker and more effective since it is a deep-seated work. For more details, visit Mental Space Academy India website.

Some videos that you may like to watch:

A lovely Introduction animation video for Social Panorama Model

And an interview with Lucas Derks

What is Mental Space Psychology?


The aim of the Introduction to MSP course is to help more people experience the Mental Space and its myriad applications in a variety of fields.

The course is suitable for changeworkers in any field including coaches, counselors, healers, trainers as well as general public who want to know more about options to improve well-being.

The areas covered in this course:

  • What is Mental Space? 

  • What are the implications of this statement: “Space is the Primary Organising Principle in the Mind”?

  • What are some existing changework applications of Mental Space Psychology (like Social Panorama Model, Mental Space and Depression, Mental Space and Language, Clean Space)? Who developed them and how? 

  • What are some of the resources available?

Participants can choose to take one or two days of the workshops to sample MSP.

Citywise Dates for Workshop

Chennai: July 20-21
Hyderabad: July 27-28
Vizag: Aug 3-4 (In collaboration with Sridevi Datta of I Flow Consultants)
Mumbai: Aug 17-18
Bengaluru: Sep 7-8
Hyderabad: Nov 16-17

Bengaluru Dec 14-15


(Delhi: A special combo workshop, NLP FOR LIFE. You can earn a Diploma in NLP with a certificate in MSP Level-1, Sep 21-24. Email me for info)

Registration link including link for fees below:

Registrations will close for a city when the seats are filled.

Course Schedule Dates at a glance here.

Interested in learning from Dr Lucas Derks and Jacqueline Heemskerk directly? In Feb 2020, Mental Space Academy India will be hosting MSP Bonanza 2020. More info here.