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And the brilliant and much-loved NLP-Award Winner Dr Lucas Derks will be back in India in Feb 2020. And this time his long-time associate Jacqueline Heemskerk will also be bringing in her Weight Loss Model in Mental Space.

TWO FABULOUS WEEKS of Mental Space Psychology courses with the Leaders in this Field in two cities in India organised by Mental Space Academy India.

Participants from his March 2019 program still gush about the Social Panorama Consultant Course—the quality of training, the ease and humour with which he delivered the training and the content itself.

We now have 12 licensed Mental Space Psychologists in India.

This is what some of the participants had to say about the course.

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What is Mental Space Psychology?

Mental Space Psychology (MSP) is the new paradigm of psychology that investigates Space around us and inside our body as the primary organizing principle of the Mind.

What we think of is somewhere in the Space. This is largely unconscious. This is the substratum of knowledge upon which perceptions are built up. This in turn impacts the way we are in the world and how we sense others.

Changework that uses Mental Space knowledge is quicker and more effective since it is a deep-seated work.

Hear from Dr Lucas himself in a conversation on this topic with Gert Arts.

What are some of the Changework Methods using Mental Space Psychology?

The revolutionary model using MSP is the Social Panorama. This model explains why we have trouble relating to some people while we love others. It also explains why we sometimes are confident and highly capable and others we self-doubt or are scared. It describes the unconscious nature of our social relationships.

And this psychological approach also provides tools for intervention – how to cease being irritated or triggered by a person; how to improve self-confidence and feel better about self; how to work with long-time recurring behavioural patterns; how to work with groups; how to work at identity level, how to work with people who have passed on; and angels/gods/demons/spirits.

Social Panorama model has been taught in more than 20 countries worldwide. The book on this model The Social Panoramas has been translated into more than five languages.

Leading NLP Trainers call this model as levelling NLP up, the most radical approach since Dilts’ Neurological Levels.

In the 2019 NLP International Conference, Dr Lucas was awarded for his excellence in Research. He was also nominated and was runner up for Lifetime Contribution in the field of NLP.

See an example of live client session here.

Yet another important model is using Mental Space to work with Depression. Here is a video interview with Dr Lucas by Dr Bhavana of Mental Space Academy India.

You can also see an in-depth video and a live client demo session using this model.

Andrew Austin actively integrates Dr Lucas’s work in Mental Space in his work on Metaphors of Movement as well as IEMT. See this video.

James Lawley and Marian Way integrated Mental Space and Clean facilitation into Clean Space process. Watch this video shot by Dr Lucas of a live client session by James Lawley.

And yet another revolutionary model is on Weight Loss in Mental Space by Jacqueline Heemskerk. What is our unconscious nature of our relationship with food? Why do we overeat or eat poorly in certain contexts? Why are we unable to diet or exercise?

And most importantly, how can we change it?

In this video, Jacqueline speaks about her model in conversation with Gert Arts.

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THE 2020 MSP BONANZA Schedule

City: Hyderabad

Venue: Hotel Marigold, Begumpet

Feb 19-21, 2020: Mental Space Psychology Course (with focus on Depression) by Dr Lucas Derks

Feb 22-23, 2020: Weight Loss in Mental Space by Jacqueline Heemskerk

City: Visakhapatnam

Organiser- I Flow Consultants

Hotel Dolphin, Daba Gardens

Feb 26- Mar 1, 2020: Social Panorama Consultant Training by Dr Lucas Derks

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MSP is founded and evolved from NLP. If you have no background in NLP, no problem. We have designed an NLP Primer especially for this Festival to help you enjoy the full 3D experience of these powerful models.

Dates and Cities for NLP Primer

Jan 26-27, 2020, Hyderabad by Dr Bhavana Nissima

Jan 26-27, 2020, Visakhapatnam by Sridevi Datta


Coaches, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Trainers, Healers and any other person who works in the Changework Personal Development field.



  • NLP Primer for MSP Bonanza: INR Rs 10,000
  • Weight Loss Model (Eating Disorders, Weight Issues in Mental Space): INR 23,000 
  • Mental Space Psychology Course: INR 33,000 
  • Social Panorama Consultant Program: INR 44,000 


  • If you take two new courses, take 10% off on the total fees
  • If you take three new courses, take 15% off on the total fees
  • Previous attendees of Social Panorama course, take 50% off for retaking course
  • Group Discount (as discussed with organiser)

Installment Plans

  • Pay Full fees 
  • Take Two-parts plan (1st installment by Dec 31; 2nd installment by Jan 31) No installment plans available after January.

Installment Policy

Full payment is your responsibility. Seat will not be confirmed until full payment. No refunds of partial payment is possible.

Refund Policy

Fees paid, partial or full cannot be refunded. However you can give the seat to another person of your choice.

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Through Jacqueline Heemskerk’s Weight Loss in Mental Space, you earn an International Certificate with multiple international accreditations.

They are:

  • MSP Academy Netherlands
  • Coaching Therapie Netherlands
  • NBVH (Dutch Association of Hypnotherapists)
  • Dutch Professional Association of Weight Consultants
  • ADAP for expertise-enhancing activities under Paramedics Quality Register
  • Mental Space Academy India

Through Dr Lucas Derks’s Mental Space Psychology course, you earn an International Certificate in Depression in Awareness Space (after fulfilling requirements).

It certifies that you have proved capable to treat moderate depression in Experiential and Clinical context.

The certificate is from Society of Mental Space Psychology and International Laboratory of Mental Space Research.

Additionally, you will be receiving certificate of participation signed by Dr Lucas Derks for the entire course.

For the Social Panorama Consultant Program, you will be receiving an International Certificate from Dr Lucas Derks himself. In addition, the certificate is accredited by the following:

  1. Society of Mental Space Psychology
  2. International Laboratory of Mental Space Research
  3. Dutch Association of Hypnotherapists
  4. European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  5. FCB (for youth care, social work, and child care)
  6. SKB Europe (Psycho-social education and schooling)

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