Mental Space Psychology (MSP) Diploma Program

Hello there. And Welcome here.

I assume you are here because you have either attended a training program with me or are curious about Mental Space Psychology.

I welcome you here. If this is your first time to this field, please watch the video above. You could also choose to visit Mental Space Academy India YouTube channel

This program is based primarily on the work developed by Dr Lucas Derks in the area of Mental Space Psychology. You can learn more about Dr Lucas Derks here.

This program includes both methods of diagnosis as well as changework.

You will be learning how to work on the following using Mental Spatial tools:

  • Social Relationships
  • Self work
  • Brain and Body work
  • Physical Space as metaphors
  • Time and Space
  • Special issues: Personality disorders and trauma work

Intended participants of this course are NLP practitioners, trainers, coaches and psychologists.

If you are ready to book your seat, go right ahead and click on the button below.

The program starts on Feb 2, 2022 to Feb 17, 2022.

Time: 7-10 pm IST

Dates: Wed/Thurs/Friday each week (Feb 2, 3, 4, 9,10,11, 16, 17)

The course is of 24 hours spread over three weeks.

Fees for non-Lightweavers: INR 25,000 plus GST

Fees for Lightweavers: INR 21,000 plus GST

Fees for Repeaters: INR 5000 plus GST

About the Trainer

I was the first in India to explore Mental Space Psychology. My curiosity led me to invite Dr Lucas Derks, pioneer of this field and organise his programs in India for two consecutive years. I also hosted board members of Society of Mental Space Psychology in India a number of times and organised their programs too.

I later went on to establish Mental Space Academy India to promote awareness of this field amongst people in India. I am grateful that SOMSP supported my efforts to evolve the changemaking field in India and provided multiple knowledge inputs.

I travelled all across India teaching Mental Space Psychology in different cities. I travelled months on end, receiving fabulous feedback from participants (you will find some of them below). I was a speaker in NLP Conference India (Nov 2019) and at the Global NLP Summit exploring various aspects of Mental Space and changemaking.

Later I introduced the field in South Africa, thanks to my colleagues — the fabulous Coach Thabiso Mailula of Subconscious Frequency Academy and the visionary Charles Ainslie of Trust Foundation.

My sessions have been attended by people from 4 continents and I am very grateful for the love and support I have received from people interested in this field.

Feedback from Participants

“Thank you, Bhavana, again for the Introduction to Mental Space Psychology course last weekend. You broke the knowledge down into beautifully manageable and understandable steps. Even though I have already certified in an area of Mental Space Psychology, I have found your training very useful, I am taking away new, deeper understanding and simple and powerful practical tools to use in everyday life. As with all of your work, this interactive workshop again reinforces the message that anyone can come up with multiple creative ideas in any situation, no matter how stuck they feel in their life issue – thank you for that!!” –Lucia Kavkova, International Life Coach

“It was such a lovely course. The concept is so simple any one can use it. You get instant results. It was well worth the time effort money that I put into doing the course.  And Bhavana is a wonderful facilitator to learn from.” Shikha- Hyderabad

“The Lightweaver’s Introduction to MSP was an illuminating weekend, spent going inwards. Exploring one’s mental space is an integral step on the path to well-being, and Bhavana took us through it with ease, grace and humour. As a coach-in-training, it was great to be able to work with classmates-cum-clients, as we helped each other learn and grow. I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants a taste of practical and effective therapeutic techniques, counsellors & coaches who want to stack up their resources, and for output-driven people to work through and around their obstacles. My best wishes to The Lightweaver and Mental Space Academy, India.” – Shayontoni, Hyderabad

“We are carrying a lot of dead weight. Pause and get rid of them. The session will help in knowing what is limiting us and what can be done to be in long race.”- KiMo, Hyderabad

“Bhavna ji is always superb. At Mumbai conference also, here session was superb. She mixes and matches the content, concept, context with her adept command on words, voice tonality, facial expressions, full body gestures. Overall, it is always a mesmerizing experience to attend her sessions.” – Dr Sanjay Agarwal, GOPTA NLP

Feedback from Global NLP Online Summit and SFA’s Chooseday Motivation Series program:

“Experience was nothing less than WOW – Thank you! A BIG BIG THANK YOU.”

“It was mind blowing.”


“amazing thank you. Its all in my map…My map has to altered.”

“Thank you for a great session Bhavana. A new experience of integrating Time line and Perceptual positioning felt a weight lifted as I became an observer. Great learning!”

“I’m amazed that we have an intuitive structure for these words, which has a richness well beyond the word!”

“I feel what seems real may not be the reality?”

“It’s amazing how the problem literally gets out of ur body and I feel lighter with it out there.”

“Bhavana’s method is DEFINITELY I am going to experiment with! I think this will work well in solitude…”

“Wow!!!! such a powerful exercise Bhavana!!!”

Dates and Fees

You can choose MSP Practitioner or MSP Diploma Program


Online work (24 hrs): TBD.

Video Course from Dr Lucas Derks published by SOMSP: At your convinience

In-person Retreat: 2 days, TBD

You will also receive MSD-1 book (on Mental Spatial Diagnosis) as part of your course materials.

EARLY BIRD FEES till a week before Program: Rs 40000 + 18% GST

(Fees increase by 15% after that)


Because of International Interest in the Program, I am offering a special online only version.

Online work (24 hrs): Feb 2-17, 2022

Fees for non-Lightweavers: Rs 25,000 +18% GST

Fees for Lightweavers: INR 21,000 plus GST

Fees for Repeaters: INR 5000 plus GST

Due to the nature of the course, the program size is small. 

You can choose to pay in installments.  Please connect with me for details.

Bank Details

Name of the Account Holder: Bhavana Nissima

Account Number: 50100005717480

Bank Name: HDFC, Habsiguda Branch, Hyderabad

IFSC Code: HDFC0003796

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