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NLP Courses

NLP is the science of living artfully.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a simple, practical approach to change what we pay attention to, how we interpret and how we act on that interpretation. It is transforming the side effects of living into an empowered movement of self to its purpose. It is the art of changing the weave of the cloth of our being into a new design.

By studying language, physiology, structure of experience and minute actions, we learn ourselves and others. By understanding how others live and act, we learn to relate effectively. And by changing any one of these areas, we disrupt our self-pattern, bring forth fruitful futures and change our lives.

With a strong self-esteem, we discern curiously what is excellent in others and model it.

The universe opens into a magical land as the practitioner becomes the observer of the worlds in which each person lives and works in, while s/he weaves her/his worlds into new symphonies, into a new interpretation of a Raaga, sensing joy and a feeling of ‘wow’ course through their being.

Do you want to be an NLP Practitioner and become a shapeshifter, a superior artist of life?

Or take an NLP-based course.

I am a Trainer-Innovator-Artist. I love bringing in latest technologies in changework, thoroughly research and know the brain, a trained cultural ethnographer having many years of experience in observing and discerning patterns, and delight in artful living. More about me here.

My NLP Practitioner Course is spread over 9 days, one of the longest and comprehensive NLP courses in India. It is split into two units, the first unit of 6 full days and the second unit is after a month and for 3 full days. The month in between the two units will help you integrate learning, come up with questions, and work deeply within.

In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, NLP Practice sessions are held regularly to nurture and scale up certified practitioners.

Or you can attend my one- day introductory session. Or email me.

You will receive IPANLP as well as ANLP International NLP Practitioner certifications.

What is more as my student/mentee, you will receive a 20% discount on all my creativity packages and NLP-based courses to enhance your creative brain and design a future you want.

Further you will be able to access special installment plans to programs, opportunity to volunteer and interact with top International Trainers whom I host every year.

In short, taking an NLP course with me is entering a sustainable changework space where opportunity to upskill is endless.

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NLP Practitioner Program ( Unit-1 )

Event Details: Hyderabad April 20-25, 2019

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-2)

Event Details: Hyderabad May 24-26, 2019

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-1)

Event Details: Vizag June 22-27, 2019

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-2)

Event Details: Vizag Aug 2-4, 2109

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-1)

Event Details: Hyderabad Aug 10-15, 2019

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-2)

Event Details: Hyderabad Sep 13-15, 2019

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-1)

Event Details: Vizag Sep 21-26, 2109

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-2)

Event Details: Vizag –  Nov 1-3, 2019