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NLP Courses


What is NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the answer on how to end suffering and dream big.

The name NLP sounds intimidating however the approach is simple. Once you master it, you begin to study yourself and others differently. Within a short period of time, you can disrupt patterns that lead to unnecessary suffering and learn how to use your body-mind, language to achieve what you want. You can change fast.

Provided you are willing to…you want to…

NLP Foundation Course

This course is suitable for diverse audiences. You must be conversant with English, above the age of 16 and curious. No other qualifications are required.

For those who are curious about what is NLP, know this — There are a lot of materials out there on NLP. Some of these materials are genuine and give you a glimpse of NLP. Some of these materials are a sham. A live training with a quality NLP Trainer opens up the night sky and you get to glimpse what lightweaving is about.

Some of you may have already decided to take a full NLP Practitioner Course. But you don’t know which trainer to take it with. Here are some tips.

A quality NLP Prac course is a commitment. It is not a “I will take a few-days course and be done with it”. Nope. I am not interested in teaching such a course. I teach two streams of NLP Practitioner courses and provide extensive mentoring and supportive ecosystem for many months.

Any quality NLP course will not be over-the-week journey.

Before making this commitment, you may want to assess the trainer. See if you connect, if this is the course you want. My NLP Foundation course is a stepping stone for the Practitioner Course. In two days, you will get to know how I train. Then you decide if you want to continue along.

NLP Foundation course is also a way for existing NLP Practitioners to revisit your understanding of what we mean when we talk about Structure of Subjective Experience, or that Map is not the Territory or Congruence.

 Agenda For NLP Foundation Course

For all, the training is highly interactive. I work real-time based on issues and dreams you have for yourself. I do have an agenda that will I will build around you:

  1. Your body and your mood—the fabulous connection (or depressing if you so choose)
  2. Your language and your mood – the intriguing connection (or irritating if you like)
  3. Your beliefs and your mood—Aha moments (Yes!)
  4. Your identity and your mood—the plane lands (There you are…)
  5. Mental Gym— Starter-kit to play with and change any of the above.

Now it is common for Trainers to brag about their abilities. I happen to be no exception. In a 4-hour Discover NLP course in your city, participants sat up and became interested in NLP. Two days is plenty of time for you to connect deeply into the process, me as a trainer and take home some powerful tools.

In any case, visit my page for testimonials–


About Me

I am a licensed NLP Trainer with IPNLP and Master Practitioner with Society of NLP. I am also a certified Social Panorama Consultant and Founder of Mental Space Academy, India. I have trained/coached with 8 different International NLP trainers.

I have a Doctorate in Communication and taught in Universities in India and United States for 11 years before moving to changework field. I am also a writer and have coached hundreds of writers in their work.

I regularly host International trainers in India to conduct a specialized course in NLP.

I have been interviewed by several national and regional media and you can find me all over on Social Media.

I will be upfront— I am very passionate about sharing this approach and providing opportunity to people to lead powerful creative lives. NLP changed the way I engaged with the world. From having spent years being sick, I transformed and rebuilt myself. And trust me when I say this, more than you, I am thrilled when you learn something that you can apply.

Money Money Money

Now, the money part. I think sometimes we are so used to living on discounts and freebies, we have conditioned ourselves to believe that our self-development is worth only so much. Worth lesser than a television set or a mobile phone. So what we do is pick up cheap self-help books, attend short free or highly discounted workshops and basically feed on poor quality trainings.

I am not only a Trainer. I am an avid learner. I seek and learn from some of the finest trainers in the world. I am more updated about the field than most in India. And I value quality over quantity. Feel free to browse my website:

If you think you are worth it, you will also value quality. If at the end of the training, you think this was not a high-quality value-addition to your life, let me know. I am happy to return your money.

And if you think you are worth it, you have already taken the first NLP step around changing your beliefs about yourself and this world. You have taken the first step to become a Lightweaver yourself.

Thank you for this. I welcome you and look forward to meeting you in person.

Email me:

Much love and light and sound

Bhavana, the Lightweaver


From 2019 onwards, I teach two NLP streams of life, both leading to NLP Practitioner Certification. The reason is NLP is a very vast field. To cover it in 6-8 days would mean I cleave off some areas or don’t ensure you are skilled enough to practice.

At the same time, I realise people have time constraints. For your convenience, I have created Two Streams for NLP certification of 6 days each.

Please Note: To take an Lightweaver NLP Practitioner Course, you have to be either an existing NLP Practitioner with strong foundations (you have to write a small test) or attend my NLP Foundation course (Please scroll to top of this page for details). Or take remedial coaching with me to upskill for certification program.  

To be a well-rounded and high quality NLP Practitioner, I suggest you take both streams. A full 14 day NLP Practitioner Program meets the international criteria for quality.

The first stream is NLP for Well-Being and suited for those who are interested in applying it for healing or counselling purposes.

Agenda for NLP for Well-Being:

  1. NLP therapeutic approaches and models for healing and psychosomatic issues
  2. Mental Space Psychology processes for well-being
  3. Study of language in context of well-being
  4.  Study of physiology
  5. Diagnosis and identifying patterns
  6. Communication skills
  7. Managing clients

The second stream, the NLP for Creative Excellence is for everyday applications for NLP– workplace, relationships, art projects, goal-setting etc.

Agenda for NLP for Creative Excellence

  1. Understanding Structure  vs Content
  2. Body-Mind-Language — Changing State
  3. Identifying and working on Mental filters
  4. Frames 
  5. Perceptual Positions
  6. Mental Space
  7. Managing Conflict
  8. Outcome, Congruence, and Flexibility
  9. Strategies– the how we do what we do

Post-practitioner certification, you will be able to access the following:

  1. Extensive whatsapp group support for a month
  2. Regular in-person NLP practice sessions in Hyderabad and Vizag
  3. Opportunity to assist me in short NLP-based courses or NLP Practitioner programs. (Conditions of sincerity and work apply)
  4. Opportunity to volunteer in organising high-quality International NLP programs.
  5. Discounts and Installment plans for other courses facilitated by me or international trainers.
  6. Plenty of resources to upskill.
  7. A professional ecosystem to support your  practice.
  8. IPNLP certification

In short, taking an NLP course with me is entering a sustainable lifelong changework space of very high-quality and rigor.

Ready to swim?

Email me to register:


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NLP Practitioner Program ( Unit-1 )

Event Details: Hyderabad April 20-25, 2019

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-2)

Event Details: Hyderabad May 24-26, 2019

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-1)

Event Details: Vizag June 22-27, 2019

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-2)

Event Details: Vizag Aug 2-4, 2109

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-1)

Event Details: Hyderabad Aug 10-15, 2019

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-2)

Event Details: Hyderabad Sep 13-15, 2019

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-1)

Event Details: Vizag Sep 21-26, 2109

NLP Practitioner Program (Unit-2)

Event Details: Vizag –  Nov 1-3, 2019