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NLP in Hyderabad

For a long time, the hub of NLP training and development has been in other cities. Now, you don’t have to travel far for high quality training. (If you don’t know what is NLP, please read here)

You can take your NLP Practitioner Training right here in Hyderabad with me and become a Lightweaver yourself.

Why me?

Because I have trained and coached with some of the finest NLP minds in this world and bring updated knowledge and skills in this field. Read more about me here.

My training goes beyond the program. I mentor new Practitioners for a period of time to help them gain familiarity with practice. Read about NLP Training in India here.

My Community Wellness Clinic, The Lighthouse also provides the opportunity for Practitioners who desire to be NLP-based coaches to put their knowledge into practice.

I also routinely invite International trainers to India to share their area-specific knowledge and skills. All my mentees get a front seat and special discounts for these programs.

Do you want to know more about the NLP Courses I offer?

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Your one-stop training in NLP in Hyderabad is here.