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Dear One.

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Maybe you are here to discover what is Now Let’s Play?

Now Let’s Play is Lightweaver approach to wellness. It sieve-borrows from what is known as Neurolinguistic Programming without losing its ancestory in Cybernetics and Systems Thinking.

Between you and me, it is play of how we can perceive ourselves and others in new liberating ways, how we can unhook from painful memories, dream dream dream, and love and connect and care and be cared for.

Maybe you came here to build your career or improve your resume. I would like to be upfront with you — this is not your tradition University education course nor even traditional NLP.

I don’t believe such approaches work well for our networks, our planet and not even for us. 

Instead, I invite you to a deeper wholesome multiperspectived approach to show up in this world. A softening of senses, an easing of the body, an opening of the horizon.

In our Lightweaver NLP programs you will learn about changing perceptions, shifting maps to resourceful ones when required, language study, movement, time and space, behavioural patterns and belief change.

You can learn spatial approaches to wellness for coaching and training in advanced courses.

And you will learn this from a living systems approach –being in the present as well as far-distant future, in the complexity of experience, with less techniques, and more aliveness, with an evolving sense of we-ness.

This program is for you—

  1. If you wish to grow in-earth-aligned ways.
  2. If you hope to care more deeply.

If you are wondering about me, read here please.

If you want to read written tenstimonials, visit here. If you want to view video testimonials, visit here.

To know about the various NLP programs for your entire family and how to grow in this field, please read below.

I must also state this clearly, if you are expecting the Diploma program to be like an allopathic tablet to cure your symptoms, this program is NOT for you. It requires equal responsibility on your end to engage and apply. Most diploma holders in my program do. And my practitioners and master practitioners have massively grown in their lives. Each due to their faith in me as well as sincerity in application.

After taking an NLP Diploma/Practitioner/Master Practitioner programs, you can also subscribe to Lightweaver Membership for repeating these programs multiple times for two years. Please find that information below.

Courses Available

  • NLP Foundation Course
  • NLP+MSP Diploma Program (Also called the Evolve program)
  • Lightweaver Practitioner Program (Once you complete Diploma)
  • Lightweaver Master Practitioner (After Play Practitioner or Concurrently)

Additional Courses in this Field

Membership Programs 

(Eligibility: Completed NLP+MSP Diploma Program or higher)


Breathe. Move. Connect. Watch the dust rise and engage with yourself and other beings in newer, liberating ways.

As one of our mentors, Judith Delozier says, NLP is Now Let’s Play. 

In this foundation course, you will play with:

  • Language patterns
  • Discover your mental maps
  • Learn to learn
  • Expand Perception

Foundation Course Dates: 

Option 1: Jan 20, 21, 22 

Option 2: Feb 18, 19, 20 

Option 3: TBD

Time: 6:30-9:30 pm

Fees: Rs 8,000 + 18% GST

Facilitator: Lightweaver Sridevi Datta


SARS-COV-2 is a call to remind us how interconnected and interdependent we really are. And how our way of being in the world can impact others and vice versa.

This is a time, like no other, to pay attention, widely, systemically, longitudinally, wholly.

Because learning and evolution are naturally concomittant. “The unity of the combined system is necessary.” (Gregory Bateson, Mind & Nature, The Great Stochastic Processes)

This is the time:

  • to learn how to jukebox our internal states
  • to access the spices in our creativity
  • to Olympic-train our senses
  • to welcome and give love
  • to accept and transcend
  • to become better time travellers
  • to bring in rigour of attention for ourselves and our communities
  • to improv in responding and adapting to changing environments
  • to improve our awareness of how we make community, how we relate, how we keep this ecosystem robust or not
  • to be aware of how our presence shapes Universe and intentionally decide the quality of our presence

Learn to learn better  and support evolution of beings in this planet.


APRIL 23-28

Time: 6:30-9:30 pm

Fees: Rs 15,000 + 18% GST = Rs 17,700

Facilitator: Lightweaver Sridevi Datta

Note: One 30% Universe Loves You scholarship available for persons in need. Please apply via email to

After booking your seat, please email about the Batch you are enrolling in.


In my work, I have noticed the extraordinary abilities of young folks to pick up NLP tools whether it is Language analysis skills or identifying Metaprograms or picking on Patterns or Reframing.

This program is for Teens (Ages 12-19) to work on learning tools with peers at the high level at which they comprehend and apply.

This will be a fast and deep course (a level higher than usual adult course). And it will include working with various creativity tools, art and play.

The course is capped to 12. I would be honoured if you (if you are a teen)/ your teen (if you are a parent) will join me in this course. 

CONDITION: One of the parents has learnt NLP.


Times: Times for weekends (3-6 pm) and weekdays (5:30-8:30 pm)

You will earn NLP+MSP Diploma certificate at the end of the course.

You can later upgrade to NLP Practitioner.

Fees: INR 12,000 + 18% GST


Lightweaver Practitioner program requires that you have completed NLP+MSP Diploma Program (online or offline). Both teens and adults are welcome to join the program.

The Program is In-Person: 3 or 4 days, depending on timings and location.


Mumbai: TBD (due to ongoing Covid restrictions)

Hyderabad: TBD

Auroville: Part of Winter Retreat, Dec 12, 13, 14 (tentatively)

Fees: Rs 20,000 (including GST)


Prerequisite: Lightweaver Practitioner certification

The Lightweaver Master Practitioner Certification Program is a 6-month Practice Program.

The program is intended for those highly committed individuals who desire to evolve, transform, and contribute to their communities.

By bringing harmony amongst the 5 elements of living — Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Space, the participants will work on deepening their awareness and improving their actions in the world. 

The approach will be based on Gregory Bateson’s work (Systems thinking, Complexity and Cybernetics) and  the work of thinker-practitioners allied to this approach.

The practice will include various change work process around language and physiology, understanding their foundational elements, so you can mix-match at will. 

Program Components:

  • 50-hour Online sessions spread over 3-4 months
  • Movement classes
  • Daily Practice
  • Project
  • 4-day In-person Retreat
  • Access to multiple group coaching sessions

This program is intended for those who wish to be in teaching/training/coaching/public performance professions.

Participants are carefully selected to ensure optimal supportive communities of practice.

The 2022 batch will start from Aug 15 and last till Feb 15, 2023. Please watch this space for details.

You may also want to learn about the 6 month Lightweaver NLP+MSP P2P Program here.

Fees: Rs 90,000 + GST



Are you an Practitioner wanting to upskill to Lightweaver Master Practitioner and apply to ways in which you express yourself and how you support your communities?

The program begins on Aug 15 with Lightweaver  Master Practitioner certification program.

To learn more about this Unique Lightweaver Program, please visit this page. 

More Testimonials

This is what well-known therapist and storyteller, Gayatri Aptekar, who has trained extensively with other NLP and Changework trainers thinks about the Lightweaver experience.

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