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On Adaptive Forward-Looking Mindset

This article by Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn is one of the finest articles I read this week about working towards a Post Pandemic World. Here is the link.

There are so many sections in this article worth re-reading. One extract:

“What new behaviors, trends, and opportunities are emerging out of the confusion and change that coronavirus has brought to the world? What are the second and third-order effects that the first wave of changes might produce?

Obviously, thinking like this right now is an extremely difficult task – you’re already facing much more immediate questions. How do you stay healthy and safe in the current environment? How do you achieve some level of economic security?

But as much as you can, incorporate an adaptive, forward-looking mindset too. By anticipating where tomorrow’s best opportunities may arise, you increase your optionality over time, and position yourself to pursue productive new career paths.”

My Story of Turning Crisis Around

In the story of my own career, this is how it has been. I turned around Crisis experiences into forging a powerful forward move. My son as a baby was extremely colicky. Folks around walked away as it was tough to be around the baby. After the 4th month, my son’s system quietened down.

But by this time, it had become a habit in household to ignore my presence. The family bought a new car and did not even think of sharing the news with me.

I remember sitting that night, with my baby asleep on my lap, struggling with tears of hurt. And I asked myself, how can I be economically independent?

In the next six months, I studied software programming and front-end tools and applied for a job in a major software firm. Not only did I ace the exams and interviews, within 2 months I also became a team leader for a major Euro conversion project. My team was comprised of Computer Engineers.

Giving What I know Well

This adaptiive, forward-looking mindset is what I hope to nurture in this new NLP+MSP program I have designed — to help NLPers be Post-Pandemic Ready.

Here is the thing– NLP is the finest approach to train your neurology to quickly model your smartest friends, to make a choice on where you pay attention, to develop flexibility in your system, and grow massively.

If you haven’t learnt NLP so far, here–> NLP+MSP Evolve Diploma Course

If you have already learnt NLP, the below program may interest you. Here is the link for details: NLP Practitioner to Professional Program

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