The Yellow Bird’s Future

Pic Courtesy: Rogean James Cale from Unsplash

A bird twittered outside my room. I listened—the speed at which each new sound was produced, the length of the full twitter and when the bird paused.

As I listened, I became aware of the bird in my mind’s eye. My model of what that bird might be. Strangely enough it was a yellow bird sitting on the branch of a tree and the branch had many white flowers.

As I focused on the model of the bird in my mind, I noticed I sensed my bird was at peace and very present.

The next time you listen to a bird sound, notice what model of bird comes to your mind and what feelings belong to that model.

I asked a new question to myself, an NLP-kind of question about timeline. Where did the bird in my mind sense immediate and distant future?

The bird in my mind had mapped only two locations – a Now location where it was perched and an Immediate Future, some centimeters away. There was no Distant Future.

Interesting, the bird in my mind had no future goals.

And after a brief while, I associated into the bird. I became the bird.

And wow. I sensed the immediate future, which was a flight into the sky, was located several meters away. The Now was expanded all around my frontal mental space.

I returned back to my body.

As you read this, what emerges in your mind?

Mapping Other People's Timelines

You may have heard or used the following phrases:

  • “She will be busy now.”
  • “I don’t understand why they don’t realize I am busy.”
  • “He is not working, just whiling away time with his friends.”
  • “She doesn’t do anything; she sits and watches TV all day.”
  • “I am lazy.”
  • “She was very present and listened to me with care and concern.”
  • “Oh Gawd. He is always crazy busy.”

Have you wondered how we map other people in our minds? And how we map how they sense Time?


2 thoughts on “The Yellow Bird’s Future”

  1. It is a great reinforcement for me – what I was doing – mapping other people in my mind. “How I map how they sense Time” – the first time when I heard this question from you and worked on it….. what a jolt it was! It has remained a very powerful learning for me!

  2. Chakra Incognita

    This is utterly fascinating. Next time a bird sings I will tune in similarly and find myself becoming the bird. Lovely post.

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