#weaveourlightstogether Series

Are you in Pain? Lonely? Distressed? Lost someone? Tired? Grieving from some unknown grief? Feeling isolated? Needing to be light? Laugh? Joke? Play? Be? Belong? Care? Love?

Keep hope, light and warmth by being together. From April 23, 2021 onwards.

Sunday Evenings (7-8:30 pm IST): Around the Virtual Campfire

Storytelling, Poetry, Music, Wisdom-activities, Heart Community Dancing, Energy Weaves

Sunday Nights (10- 11 pm IST) (For Ages 18 and above): Under the Digital Stars

Stories, music, poetry and love.


Every session is guided by an Expert Light Facilitator and couple of Shadow Facilitators. Light Facilitators guide and run the session. Shadow Facilitators are standby Coaches. You can get into a breakout room with them for deep sharing or short coaching.

Bring your family/partner/friend. Bring you. Let us surf the second wave of the Covid19 together.

All sessions are free.

To register for  Virtual Campfire and Digital Stars, please click here. http://bit.ly/weaveourlights

Series Schedule

Sunday May 16, 7-8:30 pm- Around the Virtual Campfire, Light Facilitator: Lightweaver Teens

Sunday May 16, 10-11 pm– Under the Digital Stars, Light Facilitator: Anindita Ghosh