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In the last few years, several women in transition from a rough phase and young folks have reached out to me for counselling or to learn NLP.

Those who have had enough of their present circumstances and want change in their lives don’t always have the resources to seek professional help.

They cannot overnight start being wealth creators nor do they have the tools to reorganise the way they think about themselves/others or a situation.

I have time and again stepped up to support such folks through either free/highly subsidized sessions and sometimes through barter.

My business is not set up to be an NGO.

Nor can I continue the current model any further.

I have also noted that some folks consider working on mind-body as a flippant self-help activity which ought to be given for free or at low-cost.

I have a PhD from one of the finest university in the area of communication in USA. And yet the training I have put myself through to improve my ability detect patterns and help clients reorganise far exceeds any form of rigorous training I have undertaken in the past.

And I am committed to becoming more and more adept in my work. 

At the same time, I want fine folks who currently do not have resources to be able access my gifts and progress and prosper in their lives.


I am instituting a community-funded Universe Loves You Scholarship.

Beneficiaries: Women in transition and young folks (18-25).

Details of Benefit:

Scholarship will cover either-

a. 50% costs of Coaching for upto 3 months


b. Key NLP/MSP course (4-7 days)

Each beneficiary can access the scholarship only once in their lifetime so that more folks can benefit.


  1. Please donate only if you know me personally and trust me. Therefore I am asking only friends and family.
  2. I will put up the balance in this blog post as an update every three months. You will know how much was raised and how it was used.


There are two simple ways to donate:

Please donate via Google Pay to Bhavana Nissima/8754507365


Bank Transfer

Account Name: Bhavana Nissima

Account No: 50100005717480

Bank: HDFC

Branch: Habsiguda, Hyderabad

IFSC Code: HDFC0001042

Please add “ULY Scholarship” in remarks column.

After donating, please send an email to thelightweaver1@gmail.com with transaction details and stating it is for ULY scholarship.

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