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The Lightweaver approach to writing is holistic—it analyses the mind, empowers the spirit, encourages own-voice in writing.

Thus the approach combines psychology especially spatial-cognitive research and neurolinguistics with sociology to work on the writer-self, the writing process, and the reader.

Writing is not about finding a topic or story, improving vocabulary, and know how to construct sentences and follow the ten tips that famous writers use in their work.

Rather writing is about finding what are you passionate about, how do your life experiences provide a unique view to the topic area, to honour it by expressing it.

Mary Oliver had said, “The most regretful people are those who felt the call of their own creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising and gave to it neither power nor time.”

What prevents us from giving it power or time? The issue has little to do with writing skills as it does with stories we tell ourselves, the ways in which deprioritize ourselves, or are afraid to out our work there.

Or we believe we have to fit in and we believe we can’t.

Or issues like not being able to concentrate, procrastinating, or not finding your ‘mojo’.

The myriad ways in which we hurt and stop ourselves. The ways in which the self distracts self.

My writing workshops are very popular. You can read written testimonials from my clients/participants here or video testimonials here.

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Lightweaver Writing Masterclass (In person workshops)

Check my schedule here. The benefits of this approach – it is live and therefore highly dynamic. When you are in the workshop, you have set aside all other priorities and can provide a chunk of time to creative work. You learn from the group dynamics and through peer-learning.

Time: Two Full Days

Fees: Rs 8000

Writing as Therapy

This course is open to those who have prior NLP background or have attended Writing Masterclass with me. For details about this course, click here. For course schedule, click here.

Duration: One day

Fees: Rs 2000

Online Video Course on Lightweaver Writing Masterclass

To be launched in 2020. Take this course when you want and where you want. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated.